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Delayed Download Javascript

If you have downloads available on your website, implimenting a delayed download can be great un intrusive way to give your vistors what they are looking for (the download) while also giving your advertisers a few seconds of extra face-time. This script will give the user a second-by-second countdown letting them know exactly how much longer they have to wait for their download to start. This is a great time for you to display some targeted advertising to them while you have their full attention.

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Simple jQuery Tooltip

This is a very basic tooltip using CSS and jQuery. The goal of this tooltip was to make something rich looking without all of the weightyness of most designer tooltips. The weight of this tooltip script comes within the CSS and only a few lines of jQuery to facilitate the opening and closing of the tooltip.

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Dynamic Descriptions for Search Results

How to serve up dynamic descriptions for your search results, display the text in front of and after the user's search query and even highlight the words they are searching for.

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Social Score PHP Class (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin)

Here is a simple class that will return the Social Score of a website URL. You can also use this class to display the individual score, likes, +1's, tweets or shares from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. The beauty of this class is that it uses all of the social networks' public API's so you do not need to have or obtain a single API key or developer account to use this class.

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ItsyL URL Shortener

We are excited to announced that we have re-launched our ItsyL URL Shortener and it is now available for public use! We have intentionally left this free link shortening service as basic as possible with hopes that you, our users, will provide us with feedback, comments, questions and suggestions as to what you would like to see implemented into this service.

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Infinitely Awesome PHP T-Shirt

If you get it, then you need to get it! You can order the Allembru Infinitely Awesome PHP T-shirt online through our Zazzle Store. You can get the shirt in almost any size or style shirt you would like, you could even get this as an infinitely awesome hoodie if you want.

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US States Dropdown List PHP Function

This is a simple function that returns all of the US state names and their abbreviations in an array. This is a very useful function that can save you loads of time when you have to make a US state dropdown list for a form.

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Released: Smart Links by Allembru

Allembru has released their first official WordPress plugin called Smart Links! Smart links is a light weight WordPress plugin that allows WordPress users to retroactively link content within their posts. Within the admin of this plugin you enter the word(s) to link and the URL of where it should be linked to. The plugin scans your posts when a visitor loads the page and creates the links on-the-fly.

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