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Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery is a free photo gallery that allows you to drop all of your photos into a single directory and instantly have an online photo gallery.

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Ad Manager

Ad Manager is a free and user friendly PHP language script that helps you manage, display, and track clicks to your affiliate marketing and advertising campaigns banner ads. With Ad Manager you can build multiple advertising campaigns of various ad sizes and display them anywhere on your web site.

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Smart Links

With Smart Links by Allembru you can dynamically insert links throughout all of your Wordpress posts without ever having to edit a single post! Just install the Smart Links by Allembru Wordpress plugin, add your links to the plugin, and it will do the rest.

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Professional Web Services

Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for new ways to drive sales, leads or traffic to your website? Let our professional Affiliate Program Managers create an affiliate marketing campaign just for you. With a successfull affiliate campaign you can have an entire team of online sales and marketing professionals working for you, and the best part is that you only pay them when they perform.

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Web Development

We offer a full-range of web development services to suit the needs of individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike. Whether you are looking for an entirely new website or just need some new functionality built into your existing site, we have the development expertise and experience to acheive your goals.

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SEO Consulting

The days of "If you build it, they will come!" are long past. Let our team of SEO consulting professionals help your website reach its full potential. We provide an in depth analysis of your current website and will create a custom long-term SEO strategy unique to you, your goals and budget.

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Popular Blog Posts


December, 2012

US States Dropdown List PHP Function

This is a simple function that returns all of the US state names and their abbreviations in an array. This is a very useful function that can save you loads of time when you have to make a US state dropdown list for a form.


March, 2013

Social Score PHP Class (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin)

Here is a simple class that will return the Social Score of a website URL. You can also use this class to display the individual score, likes, +1's, tweets or shares from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. The beauty of this class is that it uses all of the social networks' public API's so you do not need to have or obtain a single API key or developer account to use this class.


May, 2013

Dynamic Descriptions for Search Results

How to serve up dynamic descriptions for your search results, display the text in front of and after the user's search query and even highlight the words they are searching for. This makes sure your visitors see the word(s) they are searching for and can see the context in which their search term is being used on a given page. Now they can properly determine whether any of your search results are relevant to what they are looking for and you are not sending them on a wild goose chase through your website, or even worse, scaring them off completely.

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